Benefits of Singing in a Choir

Many people would rather die than be caught singing in front of a congregation in a choir. Many secretly sing to themselves in the bathroom but wouldn’t group up. However, several studies show that there are many benefits that come with singing in a choir. Whether it’s your church choir or a choir dedicated to singing specialized songs, some of the benefits associated with singing in a group include the following.

Better emotional health

Studies show that people singing in a choir experience release of chemicals from the brain. These chemicals include dopamine which is a chemical associated with feelings of happiness and wellness. Another chemical released is endorphins which help to provide pain relief. Serotonin is another chemical released by the brain when one sings in a choir. This chemical gives a person the feeling of contentment and euphoria. Oxytocin is another chemical released by the brain when you sing in a choir. This chemical is a stress manager and also promotes the feeling of bonding and trust between you and members of the choir.

Better listening skills

When singing in a choir, you get the chance to listen to other voices sing. This in turn prompts you to tune your voice to blend in with other voices. By training your ear, brain and voice, you are able to develop better listening and communication skills which will come in handy in social interactions.

Better mental health

Studies show that singing in a choir will promote better mental health. The release of the aforementioned chemicals from the brain helps to keep the brain healthy. In addition, practice sessions to memorize a number of songs to perform promotes better memory. A choir member will also promote better metal health as he or she tries to tune the voice to complement other voices in the group. This takes a lot of mental concentration.

Better cardiac health

Studies show that people singing in a choir are likely to have better heart health than solo performers. The singers heart rates tend to slow down as they start a performance. Their heart rates then get in sync as they continue with their performance. The reason for this is that besides singing together, members of the choir have the same breathing rate and synchronized heartbeats when singing the same song.

Improved social skills

Joining a choir gives you the opportunity to work with people with similar interests in music. Similar interests make it easier to socialize and open up. It also gives you a sense of belonging and bonding. Singing in a choir also helps you build your self confidence. Performing solo can be a daunting task for most people. However, if you perform in a group, you are able to build your self confidence slowly.

Meet new people and visit new places

Like other performers, choirs often get invitations to perform in different places. If you love travelling, the choir is one of the best ways of getting free rides to new places while doing what you love.

Singing Tips for Beginners

Music is food to the soul. If we don’t enjoy listening to others sing, we want to sing. Many people have often thought about taking up singing as a hobby or career. Singing is actually good for your overall health. It can help boost memory and promote cardiac health. Just singing can be easy, but singing perfectly is a blend of skill, passion and talent. It can take years for a singer to get the “right voice” so practice and patience are necessary. If you are just beginning in a singing career, here are some tips.

Get a voice coach

Many people are led to believe that they have the perfect voice for singing just from the way they speak. Yes, you might have a voice perfectly suited for ballads but, remember that singing and talking are two different actions. Singing requires mastery of the voice such that you can control its highs and lows creating different sounds. That’s where a voice coach comes in. the voice coach is skilled in the art of training would be and professional singers how to control their voice. They have an ear for different sounds.

Some of the advantages of hiring a voice coach include the following. First, you will be able to learn different breathing techniques that are used while singing. Second, you will be able to find “your voice” faster than if you were training yourself. Third, you will be able to learn more about music in general plus be on your way to building a network of contacts.

Keep the body hydrated

Have you ever tried talking when you have a dry mouth? The result is usually something between a croak and a whisper. Guess what will happen if you try to sing with a dry mouth. Keeping the body hydrated keeps the vocal cords lubricated allowing your voice to be clearer. Taking tons of water will help. Some of the things to avoid before a performance include caffeine, smoking and alcohol which dehydrate the body.

Practice and perform

A great way to practice is finding a practice song. Try finding a song that will challenge your vocal cords. Memorize the song and practice until you can sing like or even better than the songs original performer. Once you’ve perfected this, find another song for practice.

On the performance part, sing in front of people. For starters, sing in front of your voice coach. The feedback will give you confidence to perform in front of other people. Since your aim is performing in front of your fans, then you should start building your self confidence early on in your career.

Get emotional

All great music performers are actually the leading characters in their songs. They tie emotion to the vocals such that the listener isn’t just listening, they also “feel” the song. When performing, think of yourself as part of the theme in the song and act it out with emotion. Your listeners will appreciate this.

Rest the vocal cords if it hurts

Overworking your vocal cords in the early stages of your career can strain them causing pain. If this happens, stop singing for a while and rest the vocal cords. When confident you can sing again, don’t strain them too much.

Unexpected Dates

My best friend Libby made a surprise visit to me at the music school. I was wary that something bad happened, but she told me that she is okay and she just needed to tell me something special. She warned me that her news is exciting, so I shouldn’t scream as I don’t want the attention of people especially the students and teachers at the school. I suggested that we just talk inside her car for a minute so we can express ourselves more. We walked to the parking lot towards her car and she bluntly told me that she’s a month pregnant and she cannot wait to tell me. We were both giddy as she invited me inside her car. We both screamed out lungs out for joy when we were inside. We were both crying as we were so happy about her pregnancy because they’ve been trying for two years and they couldn’t conceive. They even got themselves tested for sterility and they found out that they can procreate. Their doctor suggested that they take a break, that maybe, stress was keeping them from making a baby. They followed what the doctor ordered as his husband didn’t work as much as he used to work six to seven days a week. Now, he works five days a week with strict guidelines that he cannot bring his work home. On the other hand, Libby wasn’t that concerned that much with making a baby because I told her that it’s just going to come, at the right place, at the right time and I was right.

I told Libby to come by my home later so we can talk more about it as I still have a class to start. She agreed as she told me that she also had some errands to attend to. As I came home, I already saw Libby’s car parked in front of my home. I entered our house and saw my husband talking to Libby about her pregnancy. She shared that my husband was telling her that I can tell how many weeks am I due for labor using an implantation calculator, like this one. I was surprised that my husband still knew about it because he is so forgetful. He joked and told me that he always pays attention to what I say, it’s just that he doesn’t want to do what I tell him and that cracked us all up. He added that to learn her due date, Libby must know the exact last day of her regular period, just add 7 days and then add more 9 months and you get the expected date. Although, it wasn’t that exact date as I experienced the labor before and after the computation date with our two kids. Libby told us that it’s still going to be useful to have an idea when she is due. She shared that her husband is so excited that they were already thinking of baby names last night and she added that they haven’t yet decided whether to know the gender now or just surprise themselves on the day itself.

Best Yoga DVD and Chapstick

There are two things that I always bring with me when I’m traveling. One is a chapstick and the other one is the best yoga DVD in my collection. I always forget many things when I am traveling, maybe age is getting on to me, but never once have I forgotten to bring these two with me.

The chapstick I always need with me as I have mild Cheilitis and my lips crack up easily, especially when the weather is cold or the wind is fairly strong. I have one with me on my purse, my bag, and sometimes even on my pockets. I have several of them lying around the house as I can’t really live without them, so that thing really is a must.

Well if you have the condition I have, then chances are, you too will be the same kind of obsessive about chapstick as I am. I tried different kinds of lipsticks for it, even the ones that have moisturizers in them but they do not work as well as the chapstick.

I once forgot to carry one during a flight and let us say it was a rather painful experience for me. You know how the air is up there in the plane when you are traveling. It is really cold and dry inside and you get the feeling of pressure all over your body. I kept licking on my lips and it helped somehow, but I looked totally weird though.

Another thing I could not live without is my yoga DVD. When on vacation, I make it a point to stay in hotels that have DVD players on their rooms as I can’t go a couple of days without doing yoga. It really relaxes my nerves and erase away any aches and pains that might prop up during everyday life, and I have been at it for years.

You might say that I don’t need DVD’s for it and could settle for mp3 players instead, but what I’m after are the people in the DVD. I know it is kind of strange but I do well when I perform yoga when there are others who do it with me. Now if there is no one around to do it with, then the people in DVD is good enough for me.

So when I have got to go on a trip, I pack these two items first, anything and everything else comes later, which, believe me, is a lot more. I even reserved a pocket for them on my best lightweight luggage that I always bring with me on my trips. That way, I could get to them when I needed them and easily know where they are at.

My husband always teases me regarding them saying that it is him that I will eventually forget and never the two things. Well every one of us has our own weird routines and our own things we call special, and unfortunately for me, it’s the chapstick and the DVD.

All the Best

I did not get to go out today as I am at home the whole afternoon watching the plumber install a new filter system for our tap. It was the best reverse osmosis system available in the market today and although it costs a pretty little penny, I would buy it again if it meant total peace of mind for me and my family.

That has been my belief when buying anything for as long as I can remember, to buy only the best product available no matter what the cost is. You really get what you paid for and if you settled for anything less, chances are it would be somewhat inferior and will not last. Believe me I have had many an experience when it comes to that.

If I want something and I know it to be good then I will buy it. If my money is not enough for it, I will not buy the cheaper brands just to make do and say that I have it. Instead I will save money for it and buy the best there is when I had enough funds.

But make no mistake about it, I do study and read up on things before buying them as sometimes the price is not only the basis for an item to be top class. You worked hard for your money and you really want to get great value when it is time to spend it. I am nobody’s fool.

The plumber, well he is from a reputed agency in our city and he’s very good with his craft. He’s been our go to guy when there is something wrong with anything related to water and he has been with us a couple of years already. Makes you think of what is wrong with our pipes to be in need of him that often.

I also remember the time my when husband volunteered to make a play pen for our youngest as he was totally good with building things made out of wood. Nope, I did not agree with that as wood means hard surfaces and hard surfaces meant bumps and bruises especially for a precocious little child.

He felt a little bad about it but in time managed to look at it on my perspective. We ended up buying the best pack n play available that comes with all the bells and whistles a child would ever want. It’s totally soft, bouncy, and completely covered in foam. It looked good too.

There are many instances when I had to choose and every time, without fail, I choose the best. All the best for my family, cost be damned. I know I’m not the only one with this kind of thinking and I will always subscribe to it. There is nothing wrong with wanting everything fine.

That is why I am still here watching the plumber do his job when I could instead leave it to one of my sons. I just really want to make sure it is done perfectly.

Breastfeeding 101

My husband and I haven’t really talked much about having a big family. I am not your typical housewife. I don’t enjoy household chores. I am more engrossed with working corporate. My period is delayed for a few weeks so I used a pregnancy kit to be sure. I wanted to tell my husband personally to see how his reaction is going to be. I cooked most of his favorite food so he’ll have hints for the occasion. A car just pulled down our driveway. I heard clicking and turning sounds on the door and there he was. He asked me what’s for dinner. I just smiled and got his coat into the rack.   He was so pleased with the dinner I prepared upon seeing them on our dining table. He asked me smiling what’s this all about. I said I have a surprise inside the bathroom and so he went. Tears rolled down his eyes when I told him that he is going to be a father. We hugged and kissed after that.

While we were having dinner, we finally discussed about the preparations we needed to do in having an additional bundle to our small family. The most interesting topic we tackled is about breastfeeding. He said he wasn’t breastfed by his mom. He also told me he’d like his first born child to have the experience he never had. We were so excited to know more about breastfeeding and the effects gained through it. We quickly finished our dinner and headed down to the study room to look for more information on the web.

Fortunately, there is so much information about it. You can start breastfeeding as early as right after giving birth. The milk that you produce contains colostrum, which contains anti-biotic and immune system boosting properties. Menstrual period usually returns within 3 months if you don’t breastfeed.   It is not harmful to you and your baby to have menstrual period while breastfeeding. Although, keep in mind the hormonal changes in your body changes the taste of your milk and reduces milk storage. There are also a number of foods to avoid while breastfeeding such as caffeine, alcohol, dairy products, wheat, wind causing foods such as cabbage and sugar. Sodas and chocolates have loads of sugar and caffeine which may prevent your baby from sleeping soundly. Cabbage causes bloating and tummy ache. Wheat sometimes causes allergies as it contains gluten. However, this is a case to case basis.

Have a detailed medical family history of allergies as parents may pass it on to the baby. Avoid those foods at all cost. You should also consult your doctor even when taking over-the-counter drugs for normal illnesses like common colds and fever. Most importantly, never ever self-medicate.

Bear in mind that whatever you eat or take, it will have a small or large effect on your milk production and breastfeeding. The rule of thumb here is to always consult specialists and eat everything in moderation. Before you eliminate food in your diet, consult a doctor to prevent you from malnutrition. The list of foods to prevent always varies from one baby to another. Always be aware of what you eat since a little bit of that has an effect on the milk that you breastfeed your baby.

Not So Scary Trip to the Dentist

My kids George and Rob aren’t fond of going to the dentists as they often associate bad things about them like injections, pain and worst, blood. I don’t know where they got that assumption, but they probably got it from watching too much television or they heard it from their friends in class or our neighborhood.

As a child, I wasn’t bothered whenever my parents want me to go to the dentist for cleaning. Maybe it was because Dr. Norbert always gives me candies after treatments, but he always reminds me to brush my teeth after eating what he gave me. I have always been a fan of him until now. He is currently 74 years old and he’s still well and strong as an ox. I occasionally see him at the grocery with his wife and son. It’s nice that at his age, he still drives and gets groceries. I told him about it and he said that he doesn’t want to live a sedentary lifestyle so as much as possible, he wants to be always active and on the go as he is now retired from being a dentist. His son, Brent also became a dentist and now continuing to run their dental clinic downtown. His son also shares the same personality as they are both good with kids.

I haven’t neglected telling my kids to always brush their teeth after meals. I even tried teaching them the right way to floss their teeth, but I don’t know what happened. Lately, both of my kids have suffered severe gum pain and they wanted tooth pain relief fast, but they didn’t want to go see a dentist. I told them that only dentists can help them as I explained to them that I am a music teacher and I just teach music and not heal tooth problems. After an hour of convincing, they agreed to go see Dr. Brent and have them treated immediately. I called their clinic to ask if I can still squeeze an appointment for my kids today and luckily, someone just cancelled their slot before I called. I told my kids to change clothes because we are going in a while to the clinic. Though still a bit reluctant, they didn’t have a choice so they changed their clothes and off we go to the clinic.

We entered the clinic and saw many kids. I thought that the business is even better than when his dad was in charge. I talked to the receptionist and told her that we’re already here. She instructed us to wait and sit in the waiting area until we get called. After several minutes, we just got called and we entered the doctor’s clinic. Brent was surprised that my sons have grown. He talked to my kids about kiddie stuff to make them feel comfortable with him. He also told them about what he’s going to do so they would not be surprised about it. After almost an hour of treating them, my kids told me that dentists aren’t scary as we all laughed. Dr. Brent reminded them to always keep their teeth clean with frequent brushing and gargling after meals. They were also prescribed pain relievers if symptoms persist.

Motherly Love

Through the years of teaching music, I’ve learned how to be a mother figure to my students as I know that times are hard and sometimes, they need someone to listen to them, someone that they can share and rant to. I also often give them my opinions, suggestions and guidance to keep them on the right path. I’m proud that my students respect me not only as their teacher, but they also treat me like their second mom.

I have a student named Carlie. She is lean, active, athletic and very pretty. Most of the guys in class have a crush on her. Lately, she was having problems in dealing with her acne breakouts and she told me about it. She was having big issues with it because she has it all over her face and back. She was really affected by it as she sometimes resort to taking absences in class as she now had a third consecutive day missing in class. I was worried about her so I talked to her best friend in class, Dara to ask her how she is. She told me that her best friend is having trouble coping up with her acne and is causing her self-esteem problems and depression. I was alarmed that I heard the term depression from her best friend. I asked Dara if she can arrange a meet up this weekend, maybe on some place that she is comfortable to come. She told me that she’ll ask her best friend and she’ll update me if she agrees.

pimples under the skin

Later at night, I got a call from Dara at home and she told me that Carlie is willing to come over to my place this weekend. I was so happy that she agreed to come and I told them that I’ll me planning a good sumptuous lunch for them. The weekend came as I told my kids not to get too rowdy as we will be having visitors. I asked them to just play with their dog in the backyard or the park if they want to. Meanwhile, I heard knocking on the door and I know that it was my students. Carlie was wearing a black hoodie as if she doesn’t want anyone to know that it was her. Her pretty face was full of pimples. I let them in and asked them how they were doing. We started our talk light and then I tried to talk to her about her absences and how can I help her deal with it. She told us that she already told her mom about her pimples, but she doesn’t care. I advised Carlie never to prick her acne especially the pimples under the skin as they may develop a skin tear and she wouldn’t like that one bit as it will scar for a long time. I shared that I know a dermatologist, who can help her and she told that she has no money to pay for the consult. I told her that consults for a friends’ friend is always free as I smiled. She hugged me and told me that she really appreciates the things that I’m doing for her. She added that she will try to go to classes next week.

Better Safe than Sorry

This summer, I try to get into a habit of putting sunblock lotion with a high SPF as the sun’s rays can damage my skin an hour before I go out. One time as I was putting lotion on my legs, I was surprised that there were a couple of bruises. I try to remember where I got bumped, but I can’t remember a thing. I just ignored it and went on my busy day. I went to the grocery store as my kids want me to cook them some lasagna and bake them a frosted chocolate cake. I got a big pushcart and went on shopping for an hour and I saw my best friend Libby. We hugged and she asked me what brought me in the grocery this early. I told her that my kid, Shane had some food requests. She told me that she just needs to buy some milk and eggs. I told her to just come with me shopping as she can also use my cart as it’s big enough for the two of us. She was walking behind me and then she saw the bruises on my legs. I told her that I don’t know where I got them as I haven’t had any accident. She whispered asking me if I got my period and I told her no.

As we finished our shopping, we parted ways as we brought each of our own cars. She walked back to me and told me that I should consult my doctor about my unexplained bruises as it is always better to be safe than sorry. I arrived home and saw my husband getting out to help me carry the grocery bags inside. I told him about my bruises and we decided to have a consult tomorrow morning. We got to the clinic at around 9am. The receptionist told as that the doctor is now in the premises of the hospital as he just was needed for a consult for another department. After five minutes, he came back and apologized for waiting. We got in his office and interviewed me about my concerns. He also asked about our detailed family history to be thorough. He asked me if it’s okay to get me a blood test because he thinks that I have anemia. After an hour, he got my results and told me that I have anemia, but I shouldn’t fear because it is just easy to fix. He told me to eat foods rich in iron such as green leafy vegetables such as spinach and lettuce; he added that the greener leaves, the better. He also mentioned other iron enriched foods such as liver, tofu, lentils, and prunes as I asked my husband to make a list of everything, but the doctor was nice enough to give me a brochure about it. He mentioned that taking multivitamins which has folic acid and Vitamin 1 6 12 may also help. He also added that Vitamin C is helps absorption of Iron better so he also suggested I take 1000mg of vitamin C every day.

The Rewards of being Healthy

I really try to be a health advocate in my home. I have a rule in my house that as much as possible, no canned or processed foods will be allowed inside. Recently, I’m trying a new diet where it’s composed of low carb fruits and low carb vegetables. I found this great, fresh organic market nearby and I was so excited to see all those plump and vivid colored fruits and veggies. I got rhubarbs, raspberries and blackberries for fruits. On the other hand, I got greens such as spinach, romaine lettuces and kale, mushrooms and bamboo shoots. I’m going to make a salad later. I’ll just mix them up and toss in the homemade salad dressing. It’s composed of virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar and I’ll just season it with some salt and pepper to taste. You can add nuts and cheese if you want to but I want to be leaner. I sometimes mix it up as I add grilled chicken fillets. I just marinate it overnight with soy, lots of black pepper, some honey, hoisin sauce and Worcestershire sauce. It tastes really good because my friends keep on reminding me to tell them whenever I make them so they’ll come over.

low carb vegetables

Eating salad is never a bore because you can make something out of ordinary ingredients into something extraordinary. It’s easy to prepare it, you just get greens coupled with your protein like meat and nuts. You can also add some fruits and a good, healthy salad dressing then toss. You add things up for variety by using your favorite herbs and spices such as basil, rosemary, parsley, garlic, onions which packs enormous flavors that will make you coming back for more. Eating a bowl of greens everyday has many benefits. It gives you fiber for a good bowel movement. It is likewise loaded with vitamins and minerals that will help you maintain your energy during the daytime.

I run every weekend 2-3 hours per day coupled with eating healthy to be stronger and have better stamina. I’ve been planning to run in competitive races, but I’m still no good.   I have to make more time for training and hitting the gym. I vary my routine every week so that I don’t get repetitive workouts and it keeps me excited to push forward. I also have target goals every week and every month to keep myself motivated. Seeing results, keep me wanting for more and more and it also gets me in a good place.

I sure hope that this article will inspire more people to get in shape not just for themselves but also for their loved ones. Studies show that eating and living right boosts the chances of living a longer life. Those who walk even for 30 minutes each day somewhat dwindled their chances of dying prematurely, compared with those who don’t have physical activities at all. Walking for a short time is just a tiny thing to do compared to the rewards of living a fuller and longer life, thus having more time to spend with family and loved ones.

I Wasn’t That Late

My husband loves soccer ever since he was a child because he grew up in Brazil. When he moved here in the US, he couldn’t understand why too few people here play soccer. Everyone else watches and plays basketball or football. He has this soccer club that plays exhibition games every weekend. I’m always busy on weekdays as a music teacher so I just have the time to relax on weekends. Weekends are my free time, it’s just two days off so as much as possible, I don’t want to leave the house and slack for two days. He always tries to invite me, but I always tell him that I’ll try next week.

It was a Friday night. After dinner, he was smiling at me like he wants something. I grinned and said no. He was begging me to see them play just once so I gave in. He woke up so early in the morning that it was still dark and cold. I was too sleepy to say goodbye so I just waved. He told me that the game starts at 7 in the morning.

I just woke up, then I saw my watch saying it’s already past 7. I know he’s going to be pissed at me. I rushed to the bathroom to get a quick shower, changed clothes and drove so fast that I almost hit a mailbox down our street. It was really quite a morning. It was already 7:30am when I arrived at the park. I find it weird that no one’s playing, but there were people on the benches. I looked out if my husband was still in there, but wasn’t in the scene. I was so terrified that if something had happened to him and I wasn’t there. I asked around if they happen to know where my husband is. Their coach saw me and told me that my husband was in the hospital with an injured teammate. I sighed with relief and then ask him what hospital because I want to see him. He gave me the address and went off.

As I arrived at the hospital, I saw him in the lobby. He was so surprised to see me. I hugged his as I said that I’m sorry for being late. He joked that he didn’t notice me anyway because he’s got so many fans. I asked him what happened to his teammate, but He said he doesn’t know and he’s still waiting for the doctor to tell him.

We waited for about 30 minutes, then a bearded doctor spoke to him. He was told that his teammate had a torn labrum hip, but it still needs a confirmation by MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging. He also added that he might also experience a hip flexor pain as there are signs of it when he conducted a test. My husband bade goodbye to his teammate because we need to get breakfast. When I was driving the car, my husband keeps looking at me while smiling. I said I wasn’t that late as we both cracked up lavishly.

Small-time Breeder

I used to breed my bichon poodles just for fun.  I have a male Bich-Poo named Slash and a bitch named Kiwi. They have three newly born puppies. My kids named them Spot, Cairo and Bruce. My family and I are very fond of them. We always play with them in the yard. A friend of mine saw them and asked how much I sell them. I told them they’re just pets for my kids. He then told me if ever I decide to sell, I call him about it. There was a time; I was walking my dog around the area.   A neighbour down the street who always brisk walks stopped and approached me. She told me my dogs are so cuddly. She asked how much I sell them. I told her the same thing. When I finally went inside our house, I told my husband what happened. He smiled and told me why not make it a part-time business since I find it fun taking care of dogs. That was the turning point. I was both anxious and excited in planning it all up. It was just weird that I haven’t thought about breeding my cute and cuddly dogs before.

Planning stage was difficult at first because I didn’t really have a clue on marketing and pricing. I started researching in the internet for posts, like in craigslist , ebay, etc. I researched for hours and hours until I have sufficient information about it. I haven’t really treated my dogs according to its breed. I just take care of them no matter what breed it is just like any loving pet owner would do.

poodle mixes

I didn’t have any idea on how the bichon frise poodles were bred. My first dog Slash was a gift from a friend in college who visited three years ago. Kiwi was just adopted from a nearby dog pound. I was amazed with all the information I got. They can be also called Bich-Poo and Poochon. They’re a cross between a pure bred Bichon Frise and a purebred Poodle. Since a Bichon Frise is a tiny breed, it can be either cross-bred with a miniature or a toy Poodle. They are normally easy to train as they are smart dogs and people-pleasers.   They needed to be around more people and other dogs as early as possible as poodle mixes have issues mingling with society. This should be done to prevent them developing Napoleon Complex or small dog syndrome which is prone to biting, excessive barking, snapping and harassing.

Studies show that the first generation puppies are livelier and healthier than their parents thus proving the myth wrong that cross breeds aren’t going to live that long compared with the pure breeds. However, the second generation puppies seem to be not as strong as the first generation ones. Breeders stay away from breeding more than the first generation. Bich-Poos have risks on having problems with kneecaps, cataracts, epilepsies, ear infections and allergies.

All the information that I got makes me more knowledgeable about them. However I’m still a work in progress when it comes to breeding commercially.   Knowing is always half the battle.

Summer Boredom

This summer, my kids were so tired of their routine of playing with their dogs in the back. I suggested they try walking them instead at the park and they told me that it was too hot to go outside. They often tell me that they were bored and keep asking me about other things that they can do. I told them that I’m going out for errands and I’ll get them something to keep them busy.

My Little Pony coloring pages

As I’m away, my husband and my kids bathed their dogs and had a snack. I dropped by the cleaners to get my husband’s suits and it has a bookstore beside it. I got in the shop to look for things to do for my kids. George is already 6 years old while Rob is a year younger at 5. I browsed upon stacks of books for their age and I saw some crayons. It’s been a while since I saw them color so I got them 2 sets of crayons; unfortunately they ran out of coloring books. I asked the salesman if there are any more coloring books at the back. He told me that he’ll search for it at the back. While I waited, I saw a Frozen DVD and I know that they would love to see it again, as they’ve already seen them at the cinema with me and my husband a few months ago. They just loved that movie as they always sing the theme song, Let it go. I thought that it may relieve some of their boredom in the meantime. After several minutes, the salesman was carrying 2 books. He told me that he was sorry that they were out of stock and they were just the ones left in their warehouse. I read the titles of the book, it was My Little Pony coloring pages and the other one was Disney’s Frozen coloring pages. I showed him the DVD that I got and asked him if the coloring book was the same movie that I got my kids. He said yes and I was so delighted to hear that. At least, it had some sort of relevance and my kids will be surprised with what I got them. I paid for the things I got and got on my way. My last stop is to go and get some ice cream for my kids. I called my husband to ask my kids the flavor they preferred and he told me to get them Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia and Peanut Butter fudge. I asked my husband if he wants other flavors and he told me that our kids’ choices were fine.

It took me almost an hour to come home and my kids were so happy with what I got them. My two kids hugged me tightly as they got their dvd, books and crayons. They even ignored the ice cream that I got them and immediately played the DVD and they also started coloring their books. They told me why I didn’t get them two Frozen books as they are their favorite. I told them what happened in the bookstore and I’m glad that they understand as they were singing along the theme song, Let it Go with the movie.

Allergy Season

Spring season can also be called allergy season for people who can’t tolerate the number of pollen grains in the air. People with asthma, allergic rhinitis and other types of allergies affected by dust and pollen grains suffer severe sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, coughing, itchy throat and eyes. Unfortunately, I’m one of them. I’ve had allergic rhinitis or hay fever for short, since I was a child. My nose is very sensitive to fragrant smells such as baby powder, laundry detergents, dusts, certain perfumes and pollen grains. Whenever I encounter such fragrant smells, I often sneeze uncontrollably for seconds or even minutes until I avoid them completely. I will then experience runny nose with watery and reddened eyes coupled with some itchy throat and even eyes.

I had frequent checkups with my doctor, an allergologist to be updated with my condition if it’s going well or worsening. He prescribed me with antihistamines like dipherhydramine for nights because it has a side effect of drowsiness and loratadine in the mornings as it doesn’t have a drowsy effect. He also told me about a natural antihistamine like ginger. He told me to just boil it with cups of water and then I can drink it as a tea. He added that I can also put sugar if I prefer it sweet.

One early morning, I was woken up by my coughs and frequent sneezes. I found out the I left my window open that’s why my rhinitis attacked. I was sneezing continuously for several seconds and it was weakening as I can’t properly breathe. I looked for my medicines in my drawer and I took a pill. I waited for 30 minutes to an hour for the pills to take effect, but my symptoms were still there. I still have classes that day so I couldn’t afford to be absent so I took more pills because I’m desperate. Actually, we were going to have a periodic test that day so I couldn’t afford to miss it as I know that no one’s going to replace me as my class’ proctor. I think, I consumed 10 pills that morning and it really worked and I was just bothered that a pill usually can take care of my rhinitis and now, I think it’s getting worst. I called my doctor after work and he told me to see him the next day for a consult.

I went to my doctor and told him about what happened. He suggested that I don’t try popping that too many pills because I can experience a side effect called pulmonary edema or fluid in lungs and I may feel like I’m drowning. I was petrified by what he told me. He added that I should just try to always shut off my windows and just turn on the air conditioner if I feel warm. He also reminded me that I shouldn’t let my dogs go in my room as their fur may also contain pollen grains and that I should maintain my medication for now because it’s spring season.

Taking Care of our Dogs

My kids and I love our pets dearly and treat them as a part of our family. We now own two cute little dogs, a Teacup Pomeranian and a Husky Pomeranian mix. I love these kinds of breeds as they are small, cute, cuddly, but at the same time, they are attentive, active and playful. They also make good company for families as they are loyal and confident. They serve as our doorbells as they often bark when there’s someone at our door. We trained them well as they are much disciplined when told to stop barking. My kids try to bathe them every other day to keep them hygienic and clean before they feed them because they are very lousy eaters who always keep getting their food on their fur. Whenever my kids are busy with school, I tend to our dogs. As much as possible, I try to groom them once in a while. I trim their hair and cut their nails.

One time when my kids and I were playing with them, I noticed a very pungent smell when they get near me. I also saw signs of scratching at their ears as there are lesions. I went inside our home to get a flashlight because I suspect that they might have a dog ear infection. I happened to one of our dogs last year, that’s why I know their sign and symptom. I got our two dogs near me and looked inside their ears with a flashlight and it was dirty and contaminated. I asked my kids to get me a cotton and alcohol as I will try to clean it a bit before bringing them to their veterinarian, Dr. Ross. After cleaning their messy ears with cotton and alcohol, I gave the doctor a call and told her about what happened. She advised me to let her look at their ears to know the gravity of their condition. I told her that we will go there later as I still have some chores to finish around our home.

I told my kids about our dog’s condition and asked them if they want to come with me. My kids were worried so they came with me and the dogs. Fortunately, there weren’t too many people in the clinic so we won’t have to wait that much. After an hour, we got into the doctor’s clinic and she said hi to my kids. She asked them how much do they love our dogs and my kids gestured like a meter length and told her that much. She told me that my kids are so adorable. Meanwhile, he took a look at our dogs and she told me that I was right about the infection. She commended my cleaning as I almost took all the dirt out. She prescribed our pets’ antibiotic and she reminded me to finish the medicine’s course to finally get rid of them. She added that cleaning their ears every day is recommended until the infection wears off.

Baby Surprises

My husband and I are so happy to announce that I’m four months pregnant and we were thinking about a number of good pregnancy announcement ideas and we finally chose to use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. We plan to have a photoshoot with my husband wearing a baby blue shirt and me, wearing a pink shirt then I’ll have it edited with captions that I’m pregnant with the due date. We also plan to make a poll out of it if it’s a boy or a girl. We plan to tag all our closest family and friends and I know that they will be so thrilled about it. Our original plan was to tell all of them personally, but it will take so much time and money to do that so we just passed on it. We scheduled to announce it this weekend so many people will know about it right away.

The weekend came and my husband and I were so excited about what people will say about it. It took just a few seconds to upload the picture and tagged all the people close to our lives. Unfortunately, we heard a loud bang and simultaneously cut our power off. It’s a good thing that my husband is so reliable with these things. He checked it out and told me that he just need to replace fuses and everything will be alright. After five minutes, we already had power. I turned our internet on as I was so excited to see their comments.

My husband and I were so teary eyed with all their congratulations and comments wishing us all the best. They were so surprised about our announcement. Some were asking on the gender of our kid and told them that I’ll let them know as soon as we finished the poll question. Most of them voted that we will have a baby boy and I know that our news will be better because we’re going to have twins, a boy and a girl. After a day, almost all of them already voted and boy vote won by a landslide and I told them that we will be having twins.   Well wishers tripled as they even messaged me privately about it.

Our loved ones wanted to celebrate my pregnancy so they asked me if it is okay if they throw me a baby shower. I thanked them and graciously accepted their offer. They even called to consult me about their plans regarding the location and the scheduled date. While we were planning, my husband asked me if it is normal of the occurrence of period while pregnant as I thought that I experienced it on my first month. I told him that I asked the doctor about it and he responded that it was called spotting.  He added that it was called implantation bleeding and it is normal and does not require any treatment. I asked him why and he told me that his co-worker told him that it happened to his wife. I suggested to advise him to consult her doctor to be safe.